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Music Room

For the first time ever, DemiCon is offering a music room!

The DemiCon music room will run from 5:00 PM (19:00) to really, really late, and will feature a mixture of shows and open jamming. The star of the music room this year will be the wonderfully talented Lojo Russo from Minneapolis, who will entertain us with her unique acoustic folk style. You may remember Lojo from her stints with the bands Cats Laughing and Funks Grove, or from her solo performances from her recent cross-country tour. Lojo will be giving us a few shows during the weekend, and also helping us get this whole thing up and running.

While the showtimes and other performers aren't set yet, we have a tentative list for you to look over. We also have some specific information on the performances and jamming that will be going on.

Potential Performers

As this is our first year attempting this sort of thing, certain things are being sorted out as we go. The performance list is one of those things. Below you will find the list of people who have agreed to come and perform for us. Watch this page for updates to performers and times.

PerformerStyle Status
Lojo Russo Folk Confirmed
Eric Coleman Songwriter, Singer, Curmudgeon Confirmed
Flatland RamblersCeltic Instrumental Confirmed
Orckes and TrollesMadcap Folk and Alternative Confirmed
Knotty Dog Celtic, Folk, and "Hippie Stuff" Confirmed
Atrophy Hard Rock Confirmed


A musical performance is, well, a musical performance. Basically, the performer gets up on stage, performs, and the audience listens and enjoys. I'm sure you all know the drill. So what makes the DemiCon Music Room different from, say a bar? Well, for one thing, it's not all icky and smoky. For another thing, it's just down the hall from the consuite: close enough to get snacks, but far enough away that our noises will not conflict with one another. For yet another thing, we have some of your more unusual acts. The performers are musicians who are also fans, so things are certain to get interesting. As of this writing, we are still accepting musicians who wish to perform. As this is our first year, we are going with an acoustic room. We're not adverse to amplification, we just don't have the equipment. If you wish to perform an electric set, and you are willing to bring your own equipment, you are more than welcome to do so. If you wish to perform, please email us at so that we can start working out where to fit you in in the schedule.


The late-night jamming sessions will be done in a music circle, and will involve both folk and filk. However, if you are from the SCA or related organizations, do not expect this to have much in common with a bardic circle or drum circle. The music circle is for the enjoyment of all, not just the performers. We believe that music is about the joy of playing and listening, not about volume or individuals. Therefore, the jamming will be structured around a circle of chairs with an audience section behind them. If you wish to participate, sit in the circle, if not, sit in the audience section and listen. The choice of song starts with the first person to sit down and then moves around the circle. That way, every participant gets a chance to choose a song, and the audience gets a really nice variety. The style will be determined solely by the musicians, so who knows what you're gonna get.

Late-night jamming will start shortly after the last show of the night, and will run on until everyone is asleep, or 8AM, whichever comes first.

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