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DemiCon will have many opportunities to volunteer, with varying degrees of need for physical, social and technical abilities.

  • Shy? Prefer to work behind the scenes?
    Great!- help us put together art risers. They (almost) never talk back.
  • Friendly, but can't stay on your feet for long periods of time?
    Love to see your friends the minute they get into town?
    Registration has a place for you!
  • If you can stay on your feet, are friendly and love to stay up late,
    you can help out the ConSuite 'til the cows come home--something that you can count on in Iowa.
  • Want to do something else?
    We have many other opportunities available and waiting for you!

Remember, we want you. We love you. We need you! To learn more about specific opportunities and about the rewards that volunteering brings, including neat prizes provided by our sponsors, e-mail us at Volunteer early and often.

Coming soon: Online Volunteer Signup

In the meantime, please contact the volunteer coordinator with any questions.
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DemiCon 14
May 2, 3, & 4, 2003
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