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DemiCon Costume Contests

There are 2 costume contests at DemiCon. The Hall Costume Contest and The Formal Masquerade.Although they both involve costumes, they are very different in format. One is casual and unstructured. The other is very structured and has deadlines that you must meet.

The Hall Costume Contest

This is the very casual costume contest and there are no forms to fill out. Simply wear your costume on Friday night between the hours of 9:30 PM (21:30) and midnight. Our roving judges will come to you! You will know if they have seen you because they will give you a Hall Costume participation ribbon. Attatch the ribbon to your badge and you can wear it all weekend! Judges' favorites will be announced Saturday night during the half time of the formal masquerade.

The Formal Masquerade

This is the very structured costume contest. There are entry forms to fill out and a meeting and presentation walk to attend. There are rules and guidelines. Contestants strut their stuff on our generous stage (10'x36') for a live audience. Entries can include theatrical sound and lighting to enhance their presentations.

Please check out our information on how to enter and this year's Masquerade rules.

For any questions, clarifications or considerations not addressed by the rules or general information please email prior to April 30, 2003.

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