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May 4 - 6, 2001
Des Moines, Iowa
Venue: University Park Holiday Inn

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  • About DemiCon : General information about the convention
  • Registration : Registration rates and procedures
  • Hotel : Information about our venue, and how to reserve a room
  • Dealers : Attending purveyors of fine merchandise, and how you can be one
  • Art Show : All about our art show and how to be a part of it
  • Programming : The weekend's events and schedules (when available)
  • Gaming / LARP : Information on game events and our Live-Action Role Play
  • Masquerades and Costume Contests : What we offer, and how to prepare
  • Consuite and Guest Services : Stuff we do to make your weekend even more enjoyable
  • Advertising and Sponsors : Non-gratuitous plugs for folks who are helping out with provisions and financing (and information on how you can, too!)
  • Volunteers : How to become an angel-on-earth (and have fun) by pitching in

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